Day Forty Nine

2014-09-18 14.56.04

Lilly had a short nap today as the cabinet makers started using a router in the kitchen. It was really loud and she woke up in a sweaty scream, something that has never happened before. I tried to put her in the carriage and take a stroll, but we met a little doggie and that was the capper, no napper for sure. Later she broke yet another hole in the construction plastic. I have told you about how she basically just figures it all out by herself, doesn’t like a lot of help. I had to have a meeting in the “construction zone” and she really did not want to hear about it. She could hear me talking just on the other side of the plastic and she was squawk, squawk a squawking all about it. Finally she just said, enough of this and went over and broke through the plastic. How does she arrive on the other side, happy as a lark.

2014-09-18 18.16.12

Which was fine, just a very testy, needing to be held afternoon. I planned on an early bedtime and after bath I left Luke to his own devices. I put Lilly down, it was very quiet in the bathroom and when I went in saw that Luke and gotten the stool, reached up to the high cabinet, gotten Mr. Bubbles down and basically emptied it into the tub. I just said, “Having a bubble bath, huh?” and he grinned and yes, “yes”. It was possibly the longest bath I have ever seen Luke take, a good 45 minutes, and he is a boy who loves taking baths. Both those little darlings just LOVE WATER!



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