Post 328: Yellow Submarine

Hard to downplay the incredible journey of the Yellow Submarine. It held complete fascination for me as a child, so much so that I made one of cast silver when I was about ten. Not really sure how that came about. I remember carving the “negative” out of plaster and then rounding up all the “silver” I was allowed to have, but really a bit hard to remember who smelted it how did it get poured it?? Anyway, I still have the results.

The Beatles never tried to make a “kids” album, they just made great music and some of it is very accessible to children, like the voyage of the Yellow Submarine in particular. We started singing it in the car recently so, it seemed only fitting to get Luke the Lego version (what I would have dont for THAT as a child!) for his 7th Birthday.

Its hard for me not to hold off on the movie version, because it is a marvelous, not violent, beautiful film with a smashing good soundtrack. But, all in good time, all in good time.

Because we really do do live in a yellow submarine!

Post 283: You’re in my way

I have spent many years acquiring children’s music that I like to listen to as well. Much of it is traditional, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie and of course Ella Jenkins.

Lily is a master of the iphone at this point, she navigates it faster and more adroitly that most adults, must be those little fingers. She is not at all random about what she chooses to look at and it is the music library.

She has been listening to Elizabeth Mitchells wonderful rendition of “Oh Susanna” for quite awhile, but today she stumbled onto this beauty and was taken by it.

The ONLY change she made was that instead of “I’m on my way…”, Lily keeps saying,

“You’re in my way!”

Which, I often feel is the truth.

Day Two Thirty Six

On the same day Luke falls off a jungle gym and shakes it off Lily says to me as we are driving:

“Me eyes hot”

She had the sun in her eyes. I told her I would pull the shade up on the window when I had a chance and she said ok. At that time this tune was playing on my kids playlist:

You Were Meant To Be Here

I burst into tears in my 2015 Toyota Sienna minivan because it all became clear, I was meant to be here right now with these kids. I was meant to hear the voice mail from Luke’s school and then play it cool when I picked him up, letting him tell me about what happened. I was meant to acknowledge Lily using a full sentence for the second time in her life to ask for help.

They say it all goes by so fast and I know it is true and I only wish I have a moment to cherish each day as I have had today.

Day One Ninety Two



The progression of a song.

It seems like only yesterday that mom and I were debating whether Abiyoyo was too scary for Luke, If I remember correctly we listened to it once and he was a bit put off by it, so it was shelved for awhile.

Cut to today.

The current “must hear” track of all time is Abiyoyo. We listen to it five-fifteen times a day. I get excited by stuff like this and so I made compilation CD to celebrate, I found a few different versions of Abiyoyo, put them all on one disc and even made a little introduction myself. Luke loved it and the next thing you know all I am hearing from Lily is

Which is even funnier because at first she hated it because there was talk and when she wants music, SHE WANTS MUSIC, not a bunch of yak.

But now we get in the car and all I hear is Aye-O, Aye-O.

Lily, do you want to hear Abiyoyo, with a resounding head nod up and down.

So it goes,

.I had thought I had lost the CD I made, so Luke helped me make another one, this time he did the introduction, as follows.