Post 254: Maine, always cold

Before we went back east for Thanksgiving we were told it was going to be in the 50’s, hey kinda like Los Angeles in the morning, perfect, pack light!

The day after we got there the thermometer read 19 degrees! Solution, go to Target and buy warmer clothes for the kids. It was amazing the selection Target Bangor, Me had for kids, great stuff that they don’t sell back home, of course not it is Maine, right!

Anyway, some of the best memories are from that crazy auto generated GIF moves that Google Photos makes for me, here are two that tell the story.


Post 253: What’s cuter?

Much to report as we have just successfully crossed the continent for the third? time and it seems to be getting easier, or else we got lucky. But for now, just enjoy the first poll ever.

What’s cuter?

A: A stuffed giraffe all buckled up?


B: A Jelly Cat riding in its own baggage check dish?


(btw, neither of these images are a put on, they both actually happened under normal operating circumstances)

Post 250: Diaper toss

I have certainly changed over a thousand diapers. I am pretty good at it, probably can do it with one hand, certainly blindfolded.

Why do I get such incredible satisfaction when I get the rare opportunity to toss a used diaper in a outdoor, public trash receptacle?

It feels like I am luckiest guy in town at that moment. Amazing

Day Two Forty

I just want to go on record stating that I love driving a minivan. Anyone that down plays it has no ideas the immense joy it brings to a family guy like me.

It completely satisfies the “cockpit” envy many drivers have, it feels more like I am driving a ship than any other automobile I have ever owned.

I drive slower (because I want to enjoy every minute of it)

I have room for anything I want including eleven eight foot 2×6’s


I listen to music all the time. (flawless bluetooth integration)

Kids love it. (of course they do)

So far, there is no down side.

Day Two Seventeen

Our last summer hurrah! We want to Legoland!

One night in a hotel adjacent to the park, spent the day at the waterpark area, which for some inexplicable reason is not nearly as crowded as the area with the roller coaster-y rides and you know what? I was so excited and the kids had a blast.

Initially I was concerned there would not be enough for Lily to do or that she would be allowed to do, but no. We frolciked, we swan, we slid, we ate chicken tenders and burritos and had burgers via room service for supper.

The next day we went to a local North County San Diego area beach which was peaceful and delightful and came back, IN OUR NEW MINIVAN!


But THAT’S another story.

IMG_1717 IMG_2973 IMG_2977