Post 366: Luke and Lily’s cooking show

There has been a long history of Luke cooking his own concoctions in our kitchen. It started so many years ago when we literally found him all alone in the kitchen, knee deep in flour and eggs. Low and behold a cake he had indeed made! We gratefully donated it to a friends birthday celebration.

Cut to about two weeks ago when Lily decided to start her own baking creations. “Can I make a cake?

This has turned now into a routine activity.

We even had Luke and Lily cakes for desert the other night. Mom and I were very full and opted for just a bite or two, but Luke dutifully ate quite a slice, god bless him.

Today’s seminar took on a feverish pace, with a constant checking and Re-checking of levels of sweetness and a very specific attention paid what the other baker was doing and adding. Your adding chocolate?, I’m gonna add chocolate!

It all reminds me of this bugs bunny clip so much I can’t help but post it, so you can better understand the intensity of the whole affair.

I sat and watched as the amount of cleanup grew, and grew and grew. I thought fast, because what I was expecting was “I’m done” and a speedy exit. So before that happened I made some new house rules about the baking show.

Counter top needs to be be exactly as how you found it.

It worked!

Cakes were finished, some looked better than others, life goes on until the next episode of:

The Luke and Lily Cooking Show!


Post 344: What to eat

True conversation. After picking up Lily from camp in the afternoon, in the car.

Dad: “Do you want to go get a snack?”
Lily: “No”
(few minutes of pause)
Lily: “Dad, what’s in my lunchbox?”
Dad: ” I have no idea, Mommy prepared your lunch today”
Lily: “Oh”
Dad: “What did you have to eat today?”
Lily:  “Nothing”
Dad: “Did you eat anything at camp?”
Lily: “I don’t remember”
Dad: “I’m starving, I am going to have some of your lunch”
Lily: “Oh, me too. I had a little bit at camp, but we can share the rest.”

Post 330: Lily talk

I love how everything Lily talks about blends together. Much of it driven by her desire to replicate “all things Luke!”. Breakfast the other day:

What would you like?

What did Lukey have?

Tortilla with refried beans cheese and an egg on top.


Kinda like a egg in the whole.

I’ll have an egg in the whole.

(I start to prepare)

Can I have it sandwich style?

Well, an egg in the whole is kinda like by itself , I mean the egg is already inside the bread?


Ok, soft boiled then.

Daddy (confused, but I just moved forward)

And don’t cut off the bones.

Post 320: Where’s the cake?

Yesterday was my birthday. It fell on a Thursday and since mom works all week there really was not time to make a “cake”. That will just have to wait until the weekend, which is fine by me.

This morning Lily slept in a little bit, missing Mom’s and Luke departure for school drop off. When this happens Lily ALWAYS appears in her sleepy little way saying: “Where’s Mom?”

This morning Lily appeared and said:

“Where’s the cake?”

I was so thrown off, I was not sure what she was saying, so I asked her again, to which she replied:

“Where is the birthday cake?”

(Our little girl is not so little anymore)