Post 349: New Scam

A new scam?

The kids have always had a thing for playing in the front yard. It must be a combination of it being “out of bounds” because we prefer to be out front with them and that they love interacting with the world/people who pass by.

There have been many times that we have said no to them asking.

The other day there was a new approach to asking that I thought was quite ingenious.

Luke: “dad, can I go out front to be in the beautiful sunshine?”

Dad: “uh, um, of course”

Sixty seconds later

Lily: “Dad, can i go out front and be in the beautiful sunshine?”

Dad: “yes”

Beyond being charmed, the event solidified a belief that Luke and Lily contrive, practice there methods of getting what they want.

Post 346: New computer

For a person who has taken every opportunity to disassemble and reassemble  my own person computer, it is with great admiration I introduce to you Lily’s first computer.

She made it herself, found the cut pieces of wood. I drove the nail in to make the pieces hold together after she admitted it was too hard for her.

It is a laptop in case you are wondering. She had a whole bunch of nails on the “keyboard”, which I thought was quite nice, but later removed them due to design issues.

Taking pre-orders immediately

Post 333: Never change my mind

portrait of Lily taken by Lukey

The other day Lily and I were getting ready to go out. Lily still had on her pajamas and I suggested she changed into some day clothes. I saw her hesitate (she was wearing a new pair of cozy flannel pj bottoms) and I said:

“Do you want to keep those pants on?”

to which she said “Yes”

I then proceeded to fold some clothes to put in a bag and bring with us, to which she asked: “What are you doing?”

I replied: “I am bringing these clothe in case you change your mind later”

Lily: “Daddy, I NEVER change my mind about anything!”

I left it at that.