What is it all about?

After working 27 years as a professional something, my wife and I decided it was best for the kids that I stay with them as she re-enters the workforce after a four years hiatus stemming from the birth of our two children Luke and Lily.

When Luke was born we kept, and continued to keep a pretty extensive journal of his life, something one day we hope he can have and read and know a little more about his life. With the birth of our daughter Lilly we also started a journal, as the old truism goes, there is not as much time to do things like write a journal when there are two mouths to feed.

Yes, Lily has a journal, but I thought why not start a new blog and see if I could keep up with some sort of daily mention of what it is like to be a full time dad.

That is what the “Continuing Adventures of Luke and Lily” is all about. I try hard not to make it about me, but about them. The experiences, their development, their love of each other and who knows what else.

You can click the Chronological Order link above to start at the beginning, or just click here to see what happened today.

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