Day Forty Five

The little bird is just stirring, she was up early and had an early nap, which is actually a great thing for all. After we pick up Luke we are going to head over to a friend’s for a swim lesson and splash about. I will bring Luke’s snorkel, which he has been practising with in the tub for a few days, he will like that a lot. Ill report back later!

Half our backyard is a construction zone. Replete with dirt, nails, wood shards, etc. of course this is ol Lil’s favorite area because it is deemed “off guard” if she is out back and I lose track of her for moment, I can almost be sure to find her at the new back door amidst the debris.

The quietest part of the day is when Lilly and Luke are both enjoying ice cream. There is a peacefulness to the complete and no distraction love of that food group. Oh yes ice cream is indeed a food group!



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