Day Eighty One


Lazy Monday. Gorgeous Los Angeles weather, cool, breezy, seemingly quiet out.

Dropped off a light fixture from the remodel for a refund and then we went to the California Science Museum. It was empty, early, all good. Everyone including me was hungry at our “old” time (first weekday of daylight savings), so we had lunch at 10:45am. The concession area was empty. Ate burgers and fries, everyone enjoyed, especially Lily.

2014-11-03 10.56.01

Lily is a ketchup monster the likes of which I have never seen. She actually gave me back the vanilla ice cream cone I bought for her (to match Luke’s) so she could continue eating french fries and ketchup. She also now is really aware of how funny it is when she does things like picks up the little paper ketchup holders and goes to start eating the whole thing, catching my eye and waiting for me to give her a negative nod. Just charming I’m afraid. Once again pictures tell all.

2014-11-03 11.26.30 2014-11-03 11.28.15 2014-11-03 11.28.24-1 2014-11-03 12.26.39

Luke had been sitting on the little front porch when he was tired, of the Bob Stroller. Lily often kicks an dpshes him so we got a “standing board” that works great. But today after the museum the kids were so beat and I thought, hey, lets try the other way!. Boy, were they comfortable. Lily is not ready for a long stroll in the front pocket, but that days is coming soon.

2014-11-03 12.35.13

I have been trying to see if it is possible to capture what I call the “Sasquatch” moment.

When Lily is doing the “I’m making a break and you can’t catch me” escape, her shoulders raise a bit, I guess in order to run as best she can and she momentarily casts a glance in my direction. This just reminds me of the famous Sasquatch movie when the beast casts a glance at the camera before throttling up his speed. It will be very hard for me to catch this moment on film or video of Lily, possibly even harder than the original Sasquatch movie. But I’ll try.

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