Day One Hundred and Fourteen

Mommy’s back at work and it feels like getting back to the old routines, except one thing.

Family is still sick. It is the longest ongoing sickness I have ever experienced and though I have certainly seen worse sickness, none of it is pleasant.

After thinking we were pretty much in the clear yesterday, we all had a good day, did some well needed home stuff and post christmas present tidying up and then had an amazing home made pizza party hosted by mom.

2014-12-28 16.33.53

But..Lily can’t sleep, she can’t breath and when you use a pacifier, not breathing through the nose is really a big deal because then you are just up trying to negotiate between nose, mouth, bottle, umma, etc. She was pretty much up all night as were mommy and me. So today is just another sick day with a short outing to Target to get some new toothpaste because last night Luke decided to get out of the tub, get both his and Lily’s toothpaste and empty both into the tub. I “think” he is feeling better.

2014-12-29 09.48.49

I think this photo tells the story pretty well. Fuzzy heads slightly out of focus!

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