Post 308: Candy


Lily and Luke are really starting to have there own secret world. On the days I pick them both up from school (Lily now goes three days a week), there is a wonderful discourse in the back seat mostly Luke asking Lily questions about her day, because Luke went to the same preschool. It is a delightful conversation to overhear.

We have a candy bowl up in a cabinet, it contains candy from last Halloween as well as odds and ends picked up from time to time, some gum, a candy cane, a few chocolate kisses, etc.


A few weeks ago I found this hiding spot in the garage filled with candy wrappers. All stuff from our “bowl”. I decided to throw away everything else that was in the bowl to deter further unobserved candy parties, but about two weeks later I found another assortment of wrappers in the same place.

So Lily and Luke must have a super secret sub-hiding place somewhere yet to be discovered. Kind of the like the squirrels that have multiple hiding spots for there nuts in case they forget one or incase it gets raided.

These are some smart kids.

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