Post 318: Private Communications

Last summer we cleaned out my mom’s house and in the process the kids started playing quite a bit with her cordless telephone. We realized we were just going to give them away, so instead we shipped them home for Luke and Lil’s use.

They use them sporadically and always somehow get them to connect to each other. We no longer have a land line in our house, so there is no dial tone, but the kids found a way to talk to each other.

I never really paid it much notice until the other day when Lily asked me to call Luke on the phone. She handed it to me and I started trying to find an intercom button or something that I thought would connect me to the other phone.

I asked Lily how to do it and she said:

Oh, just dial your number


Just dial your number Daddy, 310.948.XXXX

I did and was immediately connected to Luke. Now I honestly don’t understand how that worked, and was immediately flabbergasted to their ingenuity.

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