Post 388: The never ending pandemic

As Lily asked in Post 385: Heard at lunch there is a somewhat ominous feeling that life will just continue with masks, distancing and a lot of alone time. I certainly know first hand how hard it is for adults, what I am less sure about and have varying degrees of concern over is that it might be even more damaging for our resilient, level headed children.

Luke is starting to get fuzzy about his life in California, which is now three years in his past. That means that of the three years in his current affairs box, one of them is in pandemic mode. Ugh.

All we can do is do our best and on this first day of 2021 think and pray for better times and as always be incredibly thankful for what we have.

OK, enough of that.

Luke is certainly having his time with early adolescence. It is coming out in awkward, physically disruptive jaunts. The other day we went out to play baseball with some friends, a sport Luke excels in. Luke could not the ball. I mean fifty swings at the air. He got frustrated, upset. When we were home later and talking about it he calmly asserted: “Well, it is not the most important thing in the world and I haven’t played baseball in three months anyway.” Way to go Luke!

He is also developing the loveliest sense of humor, I walked by his room, he was squeezed between the bed and the wall, where pillows, clothes and who knows what else lie. I thought I heard a rustle and asked:

Luke, are you there?

“Yes, just hiding from the alligators

Lily is growing rapidly in all directions. She does her darnedest to try and keep up with Luke, which in and of itself in a herculean task (or a Megara-ian task as it should be)

She is constantly producing the loveliest inventive artwork. Lego animals

and little surprises that appear around the house unannounced. We had recently got around to hanging artwork in a barren hallway, two of the images are of beloved music icons. A few days later this appeared.

So, am I concerned, no not really. Just trying to make sens of it all. My head is pretty fuzzy too.

One thought on “Post 388: The never ending pandemic

  1. That fox! (Also, painful as it is to witness, adversity is what makes us grow and learn. They are both resilient kids.)

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