Day Seven

Back to the Bruder Truck Store. Last night as I was putting Luke to sleep he said Ina quiet calm tone, dad, I am really excited about going to the Bruder Truck store tomorrow, buff said.

Hope to have Pho afterwards as I feel we have not had a proper meal in at least 48 hours. It just gets more and more confusing when the kids just don’t seem to want to eat?

On another note, this morning we were sitting looking at the Harry Potter Lego instruction book, Luke spends quite a lot of time pouring over theses books. It was wonderful to hear him tell me about his come rely invented storyline to the final exploded view of the castle. Luke know nothing about Harry Potter.

He pointed to a guard with a sword and said, “do you know why he has that sword?”, no I say. “To cut the flowers”


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