Mommy Week!

We are on vacation!
Trip back east was more or less uneventful, but a 4:30 am wake up is never pretty. The kids did great. It is just a long trip and that’s it.

Luke gets a new Lego set for long trips, he builds, builds, builds, builds, builds on the plane ride. Here he is with his Lego City Jail set all wrapped up at LAX at 5am. It was his only carry on
Lilly has gone from taking one step to six. She did her little six step shuffle a few times today, must be all the excitement of being on vacation.




So much has happened, too much to even recount. One thing we realize is that Luke’s attention span is quite lengthy.any people commented on how amazing it was to watch Luke look for frogs at the pond. He never tired of it and I honestly think he could have done it all day, every day.

The other observation was his quiet, indomitable conviction to doing a Lego set while on a transcontinental flight. The stewardess on the way home was so taken with Luke’s concentration she delivered a secret ice cream sundae to him on a crowded flight filled with kids!

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