Day Sixty Eight

2014-10-14 14.41.58Today is RIE class for Lilly but she is way off today. Was squirming a lot last night and wound up in mommy and daddys bed, which meant I wound up wedged in the corner of Lukes bed because both kids are SPRAWLERS in the best sense, Lilly always winds up perpendicular to the bed, basically acting as a conducting wire between mommy and daddy, staying in touch with both of us simultaneously, ingenious when you think about it.

Luke is a bit more settled, but not much and what a hot box, like I feel like there are multiple wild animals in his bed from all the body heat, its intense.

Mommy took Luke to school which was great and I stayed with Lilly giving me more time to get her ready for class, the struggle has been getting enough food in her before class starts at 9:30am. After Luke and Mom left we had a good sized snack and then just as I was about to get ready to go, she was really upset and threw up the entire contents of her stomach. It was a LOT of material and she just was off, so a short bath, some books and I rocked her to sleep, sound like I made a good choice for once.

Just got confirmation that the floor guy is going to finish the floors starting tomorrow, this is huge and may truly indicate the end of the line on our twelve week kitchen remodel. Whoa!


My first lunch with the bird solo, Hard to believe actually


Picked up Luke and we’re off to Blue Roof, which I now believe is a much better name than Fosters Freeze.


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