Day Seventy Four

How can one not have all the moments of duffy ugly or frustration melt away when after having a really nice supper at CPK, a perfect stranger comes up to you and hell’s you they have been watching the entire meal and your kids are so wonderful, calm, sharing, independent, lovely. It made my day.

Now, back to our story…

Today was busy, Lilly had a baby sitter and Luke was at school so I could push hard to get our house back in order. I did pretty good, quite good as well, but of course there is so much more to be done. Luke moved the trailer truck that he his a few days ago to a more easily “found” spot. I guess he got sick and tired of us “looking” for it. Lilly is in great spirits, everyone seems back on their game.

At one point I asked Luke if he knew where Lilly was, it was awfully quiet around the house, I can usually track her whereabouts from the jibber jabber. So she was outside somewhere or possibly up to something. Luke did not know and went looking, he opened the bathroom door and actually did a double take and said, Oh, Dad…

2014-10-23 16.21.10

I guess Lilly is a pretty good climber as well.

was mighty beat by 5:00 pm, so I offered up a trip to CPK, which went great and where our story for today began.

2014-10-23 17.48.42 2014-10-23 18.15.43


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