Mommy days

We went camping with kids from Lukes school, much to report, but I am still trying to find some time to do it, promise to report back asap.

It was great as always, but amazing to believe that anyone, much less a small person expending so much energy, all day long, can survive on eating nothing for two days. Not just Luke, none of the kids eat much, there is just plain TOO MUCH FUN TO  BE HAD, period.

From the moment you arrive, there is just an ongoing, multi level, spread out, ingenious set of games, routines, and things to do all around the campsite. My phone went dead, so I did not get many photos, but lets just say a grand time was had by all. We spent two nights, which I did not think Luke was necessarily up for. The evening we got home he said to me, “daddy, thank you so much for taking me on the camping trip”.



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