Day Ninety One

Quiet Monday, Lily is off, I just can’t tell in what manner. She had two vaccines almost two weeks ago, we think one of them led to a feverish few days, but now she is having troubles sleeping
at night and even today her nap is unsettled. No fever, but something is not right in my opinion.

Luke is well, he found a dinosaur bone and a arrowhead in the back yard today and wrote a comic book. How many people can claim such feats in ONE DAY!

Not I said the Daddy.

Dinosaur tooth on top of a arrow head


Perhaps it is remarkable and perhaps it is not, but Luke just wrote the entire alphabet on a piece of paper. We don’t “teach” anything like that at home and they certainly dont do anything like that at his preschool, it is all self learned and motivated, amazing to watch.

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