Mommy Days

Thanksgiving weekend, Mommy had a few days off and it is the first time we have all had some time together since this train started.

lily seems to have had a very specific reaction to more Mommy time, which is “don’t even think of putting me down or handing me to Daddy for an instant because if you do I will screech until you think otherwise”

An intense, but very effective approach and it worked for sure.

She also decided she wanted Mommy to rock her to sleep, and still she stayed up for hours on end doing somersaults, dog pose and other assorted acrobatics in the crib.

I am just catching up here, sorry for the slightly erratic posting.

The weekend also started December, which means our lovely and ingenious Advent Calendar that Mom made last year.

We were unprepared, so Dec 1st was two organic lollipops. Luke was happy, but asked that none of the remaining days contain organic lollipops, we shall see what we can do.

2014-12-01 08.03.17

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