Day One Twenty Nine

Stones, Digging, Spiers, Oh my!

Yesterday I found two black widows around the house, actually Mom found one and Luke found the other. One was nurturing her egg case and all has been taken care of. But Jeez, two black widows in one day! Then I start cleaning out lukes outdoor truck collection and what do I find hidden in the cab of his favorite cement mixer, a freakin suburb of spiders eggs. We all read Charlotte’s Web and we all know how many spiders come from a single egg. Yikes again.

And about the digging, I am trying to find the place inside my kind soul to handle all Lukes digging. Luke is a digger, has been since like forever. It is wonderful and I fully embrace the desire to move dirt around and see what one can find in that secret world. But, on occasion it drives me nuts.

We are trying to have some sort of completion to the backyard of our property. Since the renovation it has been somewhat of a dirt pile, but there is incremental improvements that indicate a possible plan. Part of that plan is to have a designated dirt digging arena for Luke and Lily. But until that day, there are issues

The other day I was cleaning out really the only area that is still pure dirt on our property and it was clean, I  am making it ready for a new landscape project. I come back thirty minutes later and Luke has dug a hole. Luke doesn’t use just a garden spade, he has two shovels and knows how to dig a hole. (Once he was digging a hole and said: “Daddy, I found something, a white something.” well, it was irrigation piping, which is traditionally 12 inches down, thats a real hole.

Anyway…I come back and there is a hole and I say:

“Luke, I was kinda trying to keep that area clean for a project”


“I am trying to keep this area nice like we have done for other parts of the back yard”

Luke: “It does not look nice to me” (what you can read here is that if it is not diggable, it probably isn’t nice either.

2015Januaryuntitled-3-2A few days later I saw Luke moving some rocks from the only area where we still have the $9 a bag salmon colored pebbles to an undisclosed location. He glanced at me mischieviously, so I knew something was up.

I later found a piles of our salmon colored rocks under the patio couch weather cover.

2015-01-28 16.36.12


I completely understand the need to dig as I have already stated, but I also know that the clean up ultimately falls into my “chores”. I guess that is where I get frustrated, but once again, let it go, let it go, let it go is the only answer.

For all I know Luke will not think a constructed digging area is “nice” either, but gonna have to do something, right?

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