Day One Thirty eight

Luke’s birthday week
Gram Gram (Mom’s mom) is coming out and actually there are three party, one at school, one at home and one treasure hunt party
Born out of his love for the book My Father’s Dragon we thought hard on what to do for lukes 5th. The high contenders was a party at the Bruder truck store, which they had never done and pretty much had OK’d the idea when we struck gold with the treasure hunt idea.
My Father’s Dragon has a section involving a treasure chest and luke really took to it. One night lying in bed mom had the idea of doing a real live treasure hunt. It was genius and we started planning right away.
The invite
The chest
2015-02-06 12.28.09
The Shovels
2015-02-06 12.27.55
Oh and there will be so much more, but best to wait until afterwards to fully appreciate this massive adventure.

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