Day One Eighty Two

2015-04-28 18.30.37Luke loves to explore and discover through action, nothing could be better. I am sure some would cower at the sight of a naked boy wielding a hammer upon a rock, but it only makes my heart sing.

There has been this brick laying about the yard for a few months. Luke asked me if he could try to break it, to which I said sure. This led to sporadic bouts of him throwing it as hard as he could against the cement side yard. He finally broke it half and was done for awhile, but not forever.

Next he started throwing smaller pieces around even more and I got a bit concerned about all the glass doors we have on the house. I suggested he get a hammer and try that.

To which I only heard coos of laughter as he successfully shattered the rest of the brick and then proceed to sign his name to the whole affair.

2015-04-28 18.30.41

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