Day One Eighty Eight

We had rain in May! I feel like it has never happened in the years I have lived in LA, but the data proved me wrong. Los Angeles actually gets .25 inches of rain on average in the month of May.

Lily has already grown out of her first rain boots, so she gets to wear Luke’s first rain boots and along with an old jacket of his, she is pretty much all Luke in this photo.2015Mayuntitled-3 Her sickness seems to have just hung in there and she was glad to vomit all over our bedding again, and that’s just fine. But this time it means a trip to the Dr, just ot make sure that nothing unusual is going on, and there isn’t. But she loved the pedialyte-pops so much she had two!2015Mayuntitled-3-2 Meanwhile we had been meaning to pick up one of these neato balance beams from IKEA, and of course it was an instant hit. Part chair, part couch, part rocket ship.2015Mayuntitled-14

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