Day Two Thirty Six

On the same day Luke falls off a jungle gym and shakes it off Lily says to me as we are driving:

“Me eyes hot”

She had the sun in her eyes. I told her I would pull the shade up on the window when I had a chance and she said ok. At that time this tune was playing on my kids playlist:

You Were Meant To Be Here

I burst into tears in my 2015 Toyota Sienna minivan because it all became clear, I was meant to be here right now with these kids. I was meant to hear the voice mail from Luke’s school and then play it cool when I picked him up, letting him tell me about what happened. I was meant to acknowledge Lily using a full sentence for the second time in her life to ask for help.

They say it all goes by so fast and I know it is true and I only wish I have a moment to cherish each day as I have had today.

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