Post 277: Invisible mint bugger

Diving in my beloved mini van with the duo in rear.

Luke: “Something funny tasting, kind of minty in my mouth”

Dad: “what is it”

Luke: “I don’t know”

Dad: “Where did it come from”

Luke” “I don’t know”

(at this point I pull over because there is slight concern)

Dad: “OK, Luke, you just told me you had a funny taste in your mouth and I asked you what it was and you say you don’t know and I am concerned if you ate something that is not meant to be eaten then I need to know”

Luke: “I don’t know, maybe it was on my finger”

He is a bit mad and ashamed now, so I back off because at this point I don’t think he ate anything horrible and no reason to push it.

Dad: “Ok, well maybe you will remember?”

Luke: “OK. Ill think about it”

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