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I was asked to be a part of parenting salon. I have never been a part of any salon, so I was thrilled at the opportunity.

We had our first get together the other night. It is being hosted by one of the greatest teachers I have had in my life as a parent.

I talked a little bit about Luke’s internal, fiery, ongoing, mostly internal instructions and Lily’s more cursory, ambling, discovery process.

For Luke what I see is this fixed, focused dialog ongoing, he riffs on everything from what little I hear, songs, books, legos, conversations all intertwined into a magic world that exists only in his head.

For Lily it is more of a search and discovery world. She loves to hide and find, she loves to carry things around and she loves to nurture her “guys“.

One of the salon attendees mentioned a seminar that they had been to discovering the basic cave man instincts of men and woman. The “hunter” male is driven be specific, fixated, focused. The gathering nurturing woman being more accommodating and playful.

It made me think it is time to re-read one of my favorite books as a young student of life, Carl Sagan’s Dragons of Eden. Sagan’s book stays with me to this day as he talks about the reptilian underside of our brain, the “limbic system” being all about instinct, fight or flight and the outer areas being the higher, developed mind where we “think” about stuff. Its a great, simple read and short too!

If we ever are capable to actually tap into the human brain (and I am not saying it is a good thing, but I think it is inevitable) I would be most interested in what it is like to be in a child mind. Oh give me that peace and love and discovery and I will be a happy man forever.

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