Post 289: Tree (Three)


Lily turned three. I could say a lot about how it feels like only yesterday…, but what I really think is that she is three today and she will be six tomorrow, why, because she told me she would be. Literally, she said “tomorrow I be six

She wanted a blue kitty cat cake. We decided on ice cream and when it came time to frost it, she decided she didn’t want that (her words) and when we served her she didn’t want the graham cracker crust it was sitting on either, what did she want?


The level of her growth is beyond description.

Today at 10:30 am I asked her what she wanted to do and her reply was “Go pick up Lukie'” which was four hours away form happening, but it tells you where her mind is at.

She also went and picked some blueberries from a blueberry bush we have, she brought them to me and I thanked her and I told her that she should leave the reddish ones on the plant until they are blue. She immediately disappeared and when she came back there were only ripe ones in the bowl. I asked her where the other ones were add she told me she had put them back on the tree.

I have been out of the blog cycle for many months, Ill try to play catch up now.

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