Post 304: Reality


This is how I view my day. That it is a race to the finish line, that my job is to make sure, at all costs, that when Mom comes home the house is not in a complete wreck, that the kids look fed and appear happy and that I have even done some rudimentary household work, pay bills, make a doctors appointment, straightened out a DMV issue, etc.

That is how it feels, but thankfully, graciously, this is not how it necessarily how it goes down every day.

Most days are filled with great moments of admiring, loving and watching, watching, watching, watching my kids grow up.

There is also the delicate moment of “can I do just one more thing on my own before I hear crying?“, the answer is always, no.

Parenting is such a flippy floppy world.

We recently started reading books by Louis Bates Ames that have been around for decades. Each book literally tells you how your child is at 2,3,4,5,6,7,… sounds a bits absurd, but it is actually quite helpful to read in print that a six year old will eat more food than anyone else in the household and that they will routinely make guttural noises.

So, it goes, life in the fast lane.

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