Post 350: Free Fidget Spinners!

Luke has been asking about fidget spinners. For better or worse I have a reaction to anything that is “faddish”, but boy do I remember how exciting it feels to be a part of something that springs up out of nowhere. The other day my reservations were welcomed when Luke came up and said,

Want to see the fidget spinner I made

Yes, yes, yes, I do.

Then, knowing that Luke is preoccupied with ways to make money (he currently saves all bottles that have a redemption value, even if it means transporting them across the country), I made the casual comment, “Luke, I bet you could sell those fidget spinners you are making”.

That lead to this:

Interestingly enough he said he wanted them to be free, because he felt awkward asking for money for them? Perhaps not the best business plan, but it made me love him all the more.

He still refers to it as selling.

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