Post 349: New Scam

A new scam?

The kids have always had a thing for playing in the front yard. It must be a combination of it being “out of bounds” because we prefer to be out front with them and that they love interacting with the world/people who pass by.

There have been many times that we have said no to them asking.

The other day there was a new approach to asking that I thought was quite ingenious.

Luke: “dad, can I go out front to be in the beautiful sunshine?”

Dad: “uh, um, of course”

Sixty seconds later

Lily: “Dad, can i go out front and be in the beautiful sunshine?”

Dad: “yes”

Beyond being charmed, the event solidified a belief that Luke and Lily contrive, practice there methods of getting what they want.

Post 347: What Lily wants

Two things Lily did today that epitomize her state of being.

We were at the smoothy store, there was a plate of chocolate chip cookies on the counter and Lily asked if she could have one. I said we could split one. She then asked all of us, including the young lady behind the counter which cookie had the most chocolate chips in it. We all looked and we ALL agreed on a specific cookie that indeed had the most chips in it. Lily looked at us all, looked at the plate and proceeded to point to a cookie on the opposite side of the plate and say, “I want that one!”

Later that same day we were at Whole Foods and Lily asked for a rubber band, she collects them and does some pretty cool things with them at home I will attest, the guy at Whole Foods said, I have something even better than a rubber band, do you want to be a part of our kids club and get free stuff? Yes was the overwhelming answer. The man produced a card (always a very attractive thing for Lily and Luke), and explained that you can have a FREE fuji apple, small milk or oatmeal raisin cookie just by presenting the card to the cashier. Kids were all excited and we were about to leave when Lily says:

“Can I please have a rubber band?”

Yes, of course, you can.

Post 345: Childsihness

I have never even considered that my mother had a childish side to her. It has always been locked away behind adult preoccupations.

Now she is 92 years old and I am amazed at how she reacts to Luke and Lily, joyous, playful, loving.

Yesterday I watched her play with Luke and a balloon,

and when Luke did his two favorite magic tricks she was suitably amazed.

  1. The missing finger sliding on the hand trick, to which she declared: “That one gets me every time!”
  2. For the levitating cup trick, she had no words, just “wow!”

All I have is wow for the whole thing, children rule!


Post 343: Time marches on

Luke is done with 1st Grade, Lily is just bursting with growth, everything seems to be moving and swirling to monumental moments. Its just kids growing up I know and it happens to billions of people, but still, how gorgeous it is to watch unfold.

We read about the cycles of equilibrium and dis-equalibrium that occur continually in a child’s life. Last night Mom and I were reflecting on Luke being in a dis-equilibrium Frustrated, doesn’t want help with anything, yet wants “something”. Argumentative, and filled with thought, a seven year old child filled with there own world of thought. Something that I have a hard time digesting, he is growing up.

Luke started the year unable to read or do any math, now he does multiplication in his head and reads to Lily in the mornings.

Lily is bursting with everything, language, motor skills, love, love, love of her brother. There is a constant merry-go-round of fun, play, fight, frustration and everything you can imagine in between for the two of them.

This morning as I got them ready for there first days of summer camp, both were so excited to put on there back packs and carry there lunch bags and put on there sun screen. We stepped outside, I took this picture and all they could say was “I love you” to each other. Not playfully, but completely sincerely. They said it many times throughout of drive to drop Luke off. Lily was at his side the whole way and Luke was so proud to have his sister there.