Post 380: Life Marches On…

I guess this post is more about me than the kids. It seems Luke and Lily are both firmly and unequivocally on there way to a life of well being.

I have been working out of town and only see them on the weekends, and it feels that each week another milestone passes. Nothing tangible, nothing I can even relate, but it is there, the inevitable ongoing growth of two young spirits.

Needless to say, they are flourishing.

Luke is erudite, deeply involved in facts and figures and baseball. He reads up a storm, takes part in whatever is going on and even though it is not always apparent on the surface, loves his sister deeply. The other morning after the usual amount of bickering and cajoling I was leaving with Luke and Lily was staying home with mom. Lily came running out with Luke’s water bottle and Luke says:

“Thanks, can I have a hug?”

Of course he can because Lily is the living embodiment of love and rainbows, ice cream, cake and silk scarves. A hug is always available, especially for her brother. One of her favorite pastimes is flying around in circles on the round swing. Delightful in all respects.

I am not trying to hide that fact that they fight, fight, fight, argue, harass, bicker, stomp and DISAGREE! But what lies beneath is warmth and love.

Job well done? I don’t know what to think, it is this new perspective from afar, of seeing them only sporadically which makes me feel like I am totally out of it and the years of being “in it” are passed. I also know that is not true, but it sure feels like that today.

Which is about me, as I said.

One thought on “Post 380: Life Marches On…

  1. It’s so hard being away. Tonight, we all watched a ruby breasted hummingbird sip sugar water outside Lily’s door. Luke crawled in the top bunk, Lily down in her bed, to watch the bird return again and again against the backdrop of the oak tree bursting with green.

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