Post 361: The Moon

Heard from the back seat of the minivan, my beloved minivan.

Lily: “Daddy, are there different shaped moons or is there just one moon and it can make different shapes?” (phases)

Dad: “One moon Lily”

Lily: “I’m just saying, if Alaska was right next to California, would they see two different moons or the same moon?”

Dad: “Same moon Lily”

Post 337: Growing pains

Lily has complained about growing pains a number of times, and I can only imagine how sore some parts of her body must be after a day of flying, running, climbing, jumping, tumbling, etc.

Tonight she just didn’t want to go to bed all that much and what I heard form the other room while I reading to Luke was:


“Yes Lil'”

“I have a growing pain”

“What is it Lil’?”

“I cant feel my eyes anymore”

Post 309: Lily


So much has happened, so much growth it is incredible. Here are a few conversations we have been having recently.

(In the car today after school)

Where is my painting?

what painting?

The painting I made today at school?

I don’t know, it must be at school?

I need it now, we have to get it.

I dont think we have time to get it, perhaps you can get it in the morning?

I need it right now.

(then, with a certifiably accurate dramatic pause…)

I am going to cry now.

(another pause)

Crying sounds start.

I have a owee, I need a bandaid.

I can get you a bandaid when we park the car

Crying disappears and the painting was never mentioned again.

This next conversation happens many mornings these days.

Lily: Is it today or tomorrow?

Dad or Mom: It is today

Lily: When will it be tomorrow?

Mom or Dad: After another sleep.

Lily: “Tooooooo longgggggggg”

It is all very Frog and Toad-esque, so why not take a look at this article in the Atlantic entitled Frog and Toad and the Self

Post 307: EBD


A little while back Lily told me she was having a some problems going to the bathroom (number 2, my words, not hers) but that everything was fine after she went E-B-D

I asked her what E-B-D was and she said, you know, and then she grunted a long


And it all became clear. What I love about EBD is that if I ever use force to open something, or pry something that requires some effort, Lily goes, Oh, EBD!

Luke does it as well, it has caught on!