Post 377: Keep Out!, but stay close…

So much transition, hard to know whats what these days.

Since we moved across the country, Luke has been spending a LOT of time in his “grumpy duffers” mode as we call it. This can involve very heavy stomping around, complete disregard to either parents request, usually attenuated with an “I am NOT going to do it!” clause and possibly a jag or a toss of some object towards Lily. Culminating in a complete removal to a “safe space”, such as the now moniker-ed “Keep out!” room. (which is a hall closet)

What we realized after re-reading some of the dated, yet totally applicable Your Eight Year Old  is that he is truly in the throws of the sinister nine year change.

Good to know, take a deep breath and surround him with support, that’s what we can do as his parents.

Meanwhile developments continue, one of my favorite is the “fake phone call” in direct response to listening to his mom and dad on the phone talking to who ever. Lily does it as well. Actually Lily may even be more into it as she dug out one of the lego iphone highlighted way back in post #331 and walks around the house in complete conversation with imaginary tel-marketers, friends, relatives, you name it. I LOVE listening to these conversations, they are complete with lots of “oohs” and “ahhs” and “uh huh?”

I was able to record a Luke call surreptitiously, it is far from his best, but still has some great moments. He is using the regicaster as the phone.

Post 361: The Moon

Heard from the back seat of the minivan, my beloved minivan.

Lily: “Daddy, are there different shaped moons or is there just one moon and it can make different shapes?” (phases)

Dad: “One moon Lily”

Lily: “I’m just saying, if Alaska was right next to California, would they see two different moons or the same moon?”

Dad: “Same moon Lily”

Post 337: Growing pains

Lily has complained about growing pains a number of times, and I can only imagine how sore some parts of her body must be after a day of flying, running, climbing, jumping, tumbling, etc.

Tonight she just didn’t want to go to bed all that much and what I heard form the other room while I reading to Luke was:


“Yes Lil'”

“I have a growing pain”

“What is it Lil’?”

“I cant feel my eyes anymore”

Post 309: Lily


So much has happened, so much growth it is incredible. Here are a few conversations we have been having recently.

(In the car today after school)

Where is my painting?

what painting?

The painting I made today at school?

I don’t know, it must be at school?

I need it now, we have to get it.

I dont think we have time to get it, perhaps you can get it in the morning?

I need it right now.

(then, with a certifiably accurate dramatic pause…)

I am going to cry now.

(another pause)

Crying sounds start.

I have a owee, I need a bandaid.

I can get you a bandaid when we park the car

Crying disappears and the painting was never mentioned again.

This next conversation happens many mornings these days.

Lily: Is it today or tomorrow?

Dad or Mom: It is today

Lily: When will it be tomorrow?

Mom or Dad: After another sleep.

Lily: “Tooooooo longgggggggg”

It is all very Frog and Toad-esque, so why not take a look at this article in the Atlantic entitled Frog and Toad and the Self