Day Twenty One

2014-08-04 09.27.00 Big changes this week. Luke goes to camp every day, mommy is going to have a long work week and I am left home with the bird. All good, just different.

So far the biggest issue is trying to get Lil to nap on the early side so I don’t have to wake her up to go get her brother from Camp.

Day one, not so good, she is just settling down as I write this. But as always, my credo, its all good.

Before supper, Luke suggested that it would be nice if we had a pool when we redid our backyard as we are planning on doing shortly. I told him there really was not much room for a pool. He said, “well, we can move the house a little bit, right?” It is that kind of pure, simple logic that I love about children.2014-08-04 18.18.29

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