Day Twenty Nine

Staying out of the house all day is a drag for me and the kids. Lilly miraculously naps like a champ while the circular saws and air compressors are going, sometimes I have to help with a bit of white noise.

I had to wake up Lil from a deep sleep, she is so incredibly peaceful and obliging when she wakes, just rolled over and looked at me and when I said it was time to go get Luke, she rolled right up, into my arms and off we went, Blaring sun outside, hot, hot car to be strapped into and not a single complaint from the little birdy, amazing.

2014-08-14 14.47.46

Luke want to go straight home and look at the Lego instructions that he just can’t get enough of, but I said we were going to the library, after a short negotiating that included a stop for a ice cream, that also turned into a hamburger we went to the library, park and then home.

The back porch was poured and dried enough to play on and I fed the kids some home cooked (read boiled) pasta al fresco and while they were thoroughly enjoying themselves I said to Luke, “This feels a lot better to me”, Luke replied, “Yes it does” Perhaps the worst is over of the remodeling minefield.

2014-08-14 18.30.55

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