Day Sixty

Slow morning, another “heat” wave in old Los Angeles, just makes everything seem tooooo ssssslllllooooowwwwww dddddddooooowwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn.

Pet peeve surfaces for sure, had a great time at the beach last weekend at  a party with Luke’s school. Including lots of running and jumping in the waves with boogie boards attached to our wrists. A friend of Luke’s had a great time running and splashing with one of our boards and it happens to be his birthday this weekend. So I suggest a boogie board as a present. Luke loves the idea, so after school we go to Big 5 Sporting Goods, “Oh no sir, the summer stuff has all been taken away”. We then hit Target, “No, they cleared the summer items out last week”.


It is 100 degrees outside, we live in a place where it is hot, then it rains once or twice and then it is hot again. There is no “summer” in Los Angeles.

But, I beat the system because Amazon Prime has no seasonal restrictions and all I can say is that boogie board made it here in exactly two days and is right now being delivered to Luke’s friend.


Afternoon was spent at our weekly swim lesson (which had a few weeks off due to scheduling) and it was awesome, the instructor came up and told me he can see that Luke’s body now knows how to swim, that he “gets” it, what a rush.

And afterwards a naked costume party ensued for sure, as it always does.

2014-10-03 16.41.57

Luke was a corn stalk.

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