Day Sixty Six

Our old friend the Bruder Truck Store and methinks some Pho afterwards. Consistency is a great thing in a child’s life.

Very frustrating morning as week twelve looms large in the remodel front. 9:30 am and not a soul in sight. Trying to get our kitchen back by the end of the week. We shall see.

Quote of the day at the Bruder Store from a mom to a four year old.

“Ikey, how come you are so shy today?”

I hope I never say that, perhaps I already did sometime in the past.


Two other moments that have so far shaped my day.

Luke walks up to me with an open box cutter in his hands, eeeeash.

Luke gets lollipops for both him and Lil, but then proceeds to binkety bink bink his Lollipop on Lil’s hair, guess we will just have to deal with that at bath time. Came home from Pho, Lilly is asleep in the car, which is great. I transfer her to her room and because the kids had a pillow party that morning I just placed her on the floor to sleep amongst the pillows, also great. Then a few hours later after I am done with my chores and Luke and I have just had a mint chip ice cream cone on the b ack porch, I walk in, see the door to the kids room is open, look in the office see:

2014-10-13 13.49.47


She just got up, went and started playing, I have no idea how long she has been up. Just lovely. Almost makes up for the box cutter incident, almost.

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