Day One Hundred and Eleven

Oh boy, Luke is really sick now. Yesterday he threw up twice, snot everywhere and a fever last night. So, we are laying very low today in hopes of a reasonable recovery by Christmas (Lego) Day.

Lily is running on all pistons thank the lord.

2014-12-23 10.07.01


Lily loves to put things in things, She loves to put stuff in drawers and she loves to get a shopping bag and go shopping around the house.

Feeding two kids simultaneously in opposite sides of the house.



A wonderful bit of Maine came in the mail today!


Lilys latest object of desire. But unlike the other areas she rearranges in the house, this drawer everything comes out and then everything goes back in again. Fantastic for everyone!


Oh, and lastly. Lily started doing this a few days ago when asked a question she did mot know the answer to.


Ok, how did she learn that, i mean few people actually do that in outside world, right? Its beyond comprehension to me? And it is totally awesome!

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