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Big Bear weekend

I was so tired Friday that I spent five hours getting ready to leave for this trip. Work that would have taken a normal, well rested human being about 45 minutes. I got to the edge, a bit off kilter until I decided to do a “restart” and had a shower and had a chat with myself. “There is NOTHING I need to do today other than get ready to go to Big Bear, if it takes five hours, so what?”

It worked, I felt better.

The trip was planned well in advance and there were many wonderful moments, but in essence it was a chance to let the kids romp a bit. There was not much snow, which is too bad, and Big Bear can be kind of odd, and it was almost five hours to get there (and only 2 hours to get back), but the kids handled that fine as well, there was no horrific crying at all, just tiredness.

The high point on the trip up was mom finding a Pho shop in the MIDDLE OF FREAKING NOWHERE!, it is just meant to be, the kids love pho, so they should have pho, period.

For Luke I think, no, I know!, the best part was the man made stream and fish pond in the front of the “resort” that he spent more time playing around then anywhere else.

2015-01-24 14.04.13


Oh, and perhaps the sunglasses I bought him at Walgreens which he decided to leave the plastic “hanger upper” on because it had Lightning McQueen on it (I knew he would choose to leave it on) and boy did he get a lot of great comments!

2015-01-24 15.05.28


Two kids watching the world go by.

2015-01-24 07.02.57


I’m just here for the ride.



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