Day One Thirty Seven

I went to the “Party Store” to try and find some fake jewels for Luke’s birthday today (I realized I have to told you about Luke’s Birthday yet, OK, tomorrow) and Lily had a field day. I would say that “Party Store” to Lily is akin to a major, high end shopping mall is to any respectable consumer of modern goods.

2015-02-05 12.27.24 2015-02-05 12.29.56 2015-02-05 12.30.39 2015-02-05 12.43.16

These were some of the things she wanted to take home.

2015-02-05 12.40.16

All I can say is that at the end of the day I happened upon this impromptu still life and I believe it tells the story quite aptly.

2015-02-05 17.33.03


Good night!

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