Day One Fifty Four

The Bar

As I have suggested, Lily has some interesting eating habits and this is one of them.

There are these Trader Joe’s berry bars, Luke used to eat them and a few months ago Lily had a passing interest. But this interest grew, unclear whether it was the taste or the look or just something she wanted to be interested in.

Ba, Ba, Ba, she would exclaim

Then a few weeks ago she demolished a whole bar in front of me, Blueberry to be exact. I was like, oh, I get it, now she is going to really eat those bars!

For a few days she ate most of a bar when she asked, but it taped down to zero pretty quick.

Now she askes for Ba! a LOT and is VERY excited about picking them out of a bowl we keep them in. She also wants to sit outside at her little table, her special bar eating location. Then she eats none of it, just a wee nibble.

This morning we had two such occurrences, one blueberry and one apple thinking perhaps she just wanted a different flavor, nope, end result, two uneaten bars.

What’s a poppa to do?

2015-03-06 10.20.08

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