Day One Eighty One

2015Apriluntitled-16 2015Apriluntitled-19Went to the Science Center (again).

First outing I have had without a stroller. I was a bit nervous at first but it all went very well. There is a nice sense of freedom not having an apparatus around. I guess the fear was that I would be carrying Lil the whole time, but it was not the case, when she is with Luke she tends to be “hands off”

I cried on the trip over, sitting on the train looking at the two wonderful, confident, inquisitive yet respectful children I get to travel with.

Lily is no baby anymore, that time is gone and now there are two full tilt boogie kids in the house, forever making me laugh, and cry.

Lily’s eating is gaining momentum, she almost went hand for hand with Luke on a burger at the museum lunch area. Of course there were cookies involved and I proudly made her an on the fly dipping vessel.

Luke had his own make it yourself rootbeer float, which he thoroughly enjoyed creating and eating.

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