Day Two Twenty

There was a time way back when as Luke entered into a zone where he would “riff” as we say around here, on his own for what seemed like an eternity Quiet, expansive self created dramatic play. Incredible to watch, but sometimes hard to watch as the kids kinda like to have it be private and as soon as they know you are around or watching its back to business as usual.

“Mommy, Daddy?”

So, little Lil is in that zone and today she did a great job of showing me. Luke is back at school, yesterday was a short day, so today is really the first day in a while that Lily and I have had time to hang. She was clearly tired and asked for her “umma and unya” (bottle and pacifier and we headed into her crib and I gave her a blanket and some books and headed out.

About forty five minutes later I was wondering what the heck was going on in her room, so I snuck up and used my iphone in spie mode and took this picture.

2015-08-25 12.25.38
not asleep, just riffing

Its almost the exact same position Luke would often fall into, a side saddle near sleep quiet internal play mode, absolutely delightful.

She didn’t see me, but lo and behold a few minutes later she just came walking out of her room, peacefully and re-joined Daddy for the rest of our afternoon.

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