Post 261: Day by day

One day Lily is just a mess. unhappy, crying, no appetite (not sick though).

The next she is on fire and has three full meals and can’t get enough of life.

I guess she is human like the rest of us, why is it that I think I know better, that if she has an off day, I try to read too much into it? Because I am her father I know, but as I write this, it just doesn’t make any sense. Sure the changes often seem quite abrupt, but hey that’s just the way I am as well.

Today we had a different day and Lily really showed me what she was made of. We spent the entire day running errands, in the car, going to stores, of course I am a very tolerant parent at the store and Lily gets plenty of time to explore, but what really impressed me is her ability to just roll with it all. 2015Decemberuntitled-31
We had a good day and there is no reason for me to feel bad about “dragging her along”

That might be a different story tomorrow?

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