Post 268: Pee no pee


Its pouring rain, were all set to go out. I tell Lil:

I gotta pee

Lil says “me pee too

We go, undress, takes off boots, rain pants, pants, diaper, she sits on the potty, looks up and says:

me no pee

We drop by the market after picking up Luke from school. Luke wants pizza, so Lily wants pizza. I get two slices and we sit down.

Lily, do you want me to cut some small pieces?

Yes, wee, wee

I cut small pieces, she looks at them and gets upset, she looks at Luke who is eating a whole piece

big big peece

I cut her a large piece, to no avail.

I put the pizza down and tell her she can help herself, she goes nutty. Doesn’t like that.

Lily is a complex, highly attenuated, lovely, (did I say complicated) little girl person.

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