Post 279: Ms know it all

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Luke could be sitting on a hamburger and if you asked him where the hamburger was he would say he did not know.

Lily on the other hand seems to know where everything is? I have been asking her for things, not unnecessarily, just curious.

The other day a small plastic thingie was misplaced, I think she may have had it and I asked her if she knew where this (I held up the other one I had) was and she said yeah, yeah and started wondering around.

I was not sure where we were going or if she was really taking me someplace specific, which is pretty normal routine for us, but I kept asking, Lily, do you know where this thing is.

yeah, yeah

She winds up reaching into the crack of the sofa cushions and pulls it out and hands it to me like it was nothing.

Never happen with Luke.

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