Post 297: Up a tree

Luke is a full throttle kind of person, sometimes it amazes me how thrilled he is by the challenge and adventure of life.

The other day we were at a new park and I looked up to see a boy standing on top of a tree. It was not Luke, but as soon as I saw it I noticed that Luke was nowhere to be found and low and behold he was halfway up that tree.


Its not every day you see anyone literally on the top of a tree, much less your own child. He went up an down a few times and then we wandered off. About ten minutes later we are walking toward the tree area, Luke was clearly tired and at the end of his day, but he saw that same boy on top of the tree and all I heard was:

“There he is! On top of the tree again!” and he bolted like a cheetah across the field to join his new found tree friend for one more excursion.

On a side note, we were at the park the other day and I overheard Luke saying to yet another climbing friend found on a park structure:

“I fell of this one once, broke my back even. But I did NOT even have to get a cast!”


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