Post 314: Going On a Bear Hunt


There is a very popular children’s book entitled “We’re Going On  bear Hunt” which depicts a family circumnavigating many natural obstacles in search of a bear. They fjord a river, hike the tall grass, plod through the snow and indeed find a bear, in his cave to which they respond by going back over every event in reverse order as quickly as possible only to lock themselves into their home and jump in bed promising to never go on a bear hunt again!

Now that Lily is in school three days a week and now that my mother lives within a mile of my house, on route to Luke’s school, I have days where I (without exaggerating) travel the same exact route five or six times.

Home to Luke’s school, back home to have breakfast and wait for Lily’s school to start, then off to Lily’s school, then back home to something, then off to see my mom, then back home, then off to pick up Lily from school, then over to pick up Luke from school and back home.

There ARE times I feel like locking myself in my house, getting into my bed and saying I will never take anyone to there respective places of learning or living AGAIN!

But I don’t, because I love them all.

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