Post 328: Yellow Submarine

Hard to downplay the incredible journey of the Yellow Submarine. It held complete fascination for me as a child, so much so that I made one of cast silver when I was about ten. Not really sure how that came about. I remember carving the “negative” out of plaster and then rounding up all the “silver” I was allowed to have, but really a bit hard to remember who smelted it how did it get poured it?? Anyway, I still have the results.

The Beatles never tried to make a “kids” album, they just made great music and some of it is very accessible to children, like the voyage of the Yellow Submarine in particular. We started singing it in the car recently so, it seemed only fitting to get Luke the Lego version (what I would have dont for THAT as a child!) for his 7th Birthday.

Its hard for me not to hold off on the movie version, because it is a marvelous, not violent, beautiful film with a smashing good soundtrack. But, all in good time, all in good time.

Because we really do do live in a yellow submarine!

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