Post 374: Shake it off

This past season of Little League this year I watched many times as Luke struck out and would walk away form the plate with a smile or a shrug.

He also hit plenty of singles, doubles, triples and home runs, but the strike outs were of specific interest, why?

Many of the kids have really strong reactions to striking out, throwing helmets and crying with the most anguished looks on their faces. I totally get it, but was always interested in Luke’s laissez-faire attitude.

After the last game I made a comment about one of his team mates and how frustrated and mad he was over a strike out.

Luke said:

“I feel like crying sometimes after striking out”


“But I decided it was better to go back to the dug out, take a deep breath and put myself back together again”

I told him I thought that was a good plan.

In a nutshell this may be the best part of what makes Luke such a confident person. He can cray all he wants, that is totally fine and supported by us, but what I love hearing was that he really thought about the feelings and found a way that works better for him, and in my opinion better for everyone.

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