Post 378: If you…

I don’t want to finish the post title as it might sound contrite, but I trust after reading this you will agree it is the only appropriate description.

When Luke started school, one thing happened immediately, he came home talking about playing baseball at recess. Now, for many schools, this would not seem at all out of place, but you must remember that Luke’s (and Lily’s) school is not one made from heavy team action, no Friday night lights here. There regular team sports are Frisbee golf and cross country running.

So, when Luke came home so excited about playing baseball, I was truly curious. Then I found out that he was playing with just one other boy, a stick and a rock. I was impressed and aside from the rock, it all sounded like a great plan.

A few days later it was:
A stick, a wood chip and four players.

A stick, a wood chip and a full infield.

Full teams, including the teachers, REAL bases and a REAL bat.

About a month goes by and all I know is that the entire class plays baseball pretty much every day, even the teachers. They have umpires and some sort of a “review” system in the event of a close call.

Luke just loves it all, its the first thing I hear about when I pick him up after school (hit a grand slam today Dad!)

So, like I said:

If you build it…


One thought on “Post 378: If you…

  1. Love this! America’s pastime reinvented from the bat to the ball. Maybe they can even upgrade it to the extent that it will not be boring for spectators–although I understand that the rock really had to go.

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